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What We Offer


This is not your typical bike shop. EZBikeBuilds is about educating and encouraging people to reconnect with that original freedom. If you grew up on bikes, you know what we are all about. 

That day you got your first bike was also the day you were no longer limited to where you and your friends could explore. We also realize that not everybody has the opportunity to live that lifestyle for various reasons. 

We believe we can help.

Check out our current offerings below:



Bicycle Service + Repair

Have a bike that needs some basic service? We can do that! Anything from fixing a flat, to an annual service, we can bring your bike back from the dead or keep it running tip top for tons of rides to come!



Have an old frame you're looking to modernize or want to spruce up an old bike for your family or friends. We got your back. 

Keep kids riding bikes for years to come by introducing them to artistic expression thru a healthy hobby!


Local Events

We have a innate desire to connect our local communities after a long hiatus during a crazy pandemic.

What better way to get back to socializing than thru a healthy activity with good people. Stay tuned to our social medias for updates on future events!


Bike Builds

Just ordered that direct to consumer bike but don't have the tools, time or know how to get it built? 

We can handle that. Bring it by and we'll get you on the saddle in no time!


Bicycle Sales

We scour local and regional marketplaces for great bikes for our surrounding terrain. They may be a couple years old but who cares? They are great quality bikes in awesome condition and will serve their function perfectly, and save you some money in the process.

Fully serviced and ready to ride for years to come!*


Charity Work

We believe that our communities are only as strong as the weakest members. EZBikeBuilds believes in reaching out in meaningful and memorable ways to those struggling, whether that struggle is financial, mental, or social.

EZBikeBuilds believes bikes can be the connection we need to extend a helping hand.

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